Mi piace pensare che...

Mi piace pensare che...

“Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.”
Walt Disney

Everything we do stems from a thought, so think well and live well!

The bracelets in this collection are not just a jewel but a reminder that accompanies you throughout the day and helps you live better!

What do you like to think?
What would you like others to know about you?
What thought do you want to give to someone dear to you?

The collection "I like to think that ..." is our exclusive and playful invention, with a special medal:

On a face it engraves the sentence:
I like to think that ...

On the other, it reports a series of thoughts:
…non ci lasceremo mai (we will never leave each other)
…l’amore vince tutto (love wins everything)
…saremo sempre amiche (we will always be friends)
…esiste l’unicorno rosa (the pink unicorn exists)
…il mondo è la mia casa (the world is my home)
…l’importante è partecipare (the important thing is to participate)
…per te ci sarò sempre (I will always be there for you)
…sarà un successo (it will be a success)
…i sogni si realizzano (dreams come true)
…ho il mio angelo custode (I have my guardian angel)
…esiste un’altra opportunità (there is another opportunity)
…qualcosa sta cambiando (something is changing)
…il meglio deve ancora venire (the best is yet to come)

The base of the bracelet on which to insert the medal can be a chain link or little balls, and it is entirely in Zamak, Nickel free.