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Collection for the wedding


... A new Berman Creazioni collection conceived for the most special day in which ... they say ... two souls become one ...

A series of accessories that will give a touch of extra elegance and perfection to the Bride but also to the Bridegroom ...

A detail to match the dress and to embellish the protagonists and the world around them and that will accompany them in the joy of the party ...

This is what we intend to do with our new collection entirely dedicated to the wedding, with original pieces that follow the usual style tied to our materials: ceramics, zamak, silver, satin ...

Not only!
You can choose from our proposals or collaborate with us in creating a personalized jewel, unique as the day in which you will wear it!

Mi piace pensare che...

“Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.”
Walt Disney

Everything we do stems from a thought, so think well and live well!

The bracelets in this collection are not just a jewel but a reminder that accompanies you throughout the day and helps you live better!

What do you like to think?
What would you like others to know about you?
What thought do you want to give to someone dear to you?

The collection "I like to think that ..." is our exclusive and playful invention, with a special medal:

On a face it engraves the sentence:
I like to think that ...

On the other, it reports a series of thoughts:
…non ci lasceremo mai (we will never leave each other)
…l’amore vince tutto (love wins everything)
…saremo sempre amiche (we will always be friends)
…esiste l’unicorno rosa (the pink unicorn exists)
…il mondo è la mia casa (the world is my home)
…l’importante è partecipare (the important thing is to participate)
…per te ci sarò sempre (I will always be there for you)
…sarà un successo (it will be a success)
…i sogni si realizzano (dreams come true)
…ho il mio angelo custode (I have my guardian angel)
…esiste un’altra opportunità (there is another opportunity)
…qualcosa sta cambiando (something is changing)
…il meglio deve ancora venire (the best is yet to come)

The base of the bracelet on which to insert the medal can be a chain link or little balls, and it is entirely in Zamak, Nickel free.

origini collezione berman creazioni artigianali

Handmade Jewelry


This collection of handmade jewelry was created to tell who we are through objects that represent our history and our everyday life and which show the influence of what we have experienced and the places we have visited, distant lands that have left an indelible mark in the heart and in the mind, made of perfumes, colors and shapes. The "journey" is the inspiring muse par excellence. The journey represents change, freshness, discovery, desire and it is through this act that our inspirations can materialize in our jewels. This collection is born from our first journey. Argentina-Italy ... outbound or return?

origini collezione berman creazioni artigianali

A good warm mate to pamper the first days of autumn, which warms the heart and hands, to launch us in a creative flow and give life to the bracelet "in flight", where the dragonfly hovers in the air accompanied by autumn ceramics, which they bring with them the memory of the past summer and the sweet taste of waiting for the cold winter. Next to this bracelet, the dragonfly earrings cannot be missing, perfect for those who want to feel inside and sometimes tell, the love for freedom and for what is ethereal. The matching necklace offers new ideas to match any style with a unique taste. The two flowers are combined with the dragonfly alternating with ceramics.

origini collezione berman creazioni artigianali

Next to the necklace "the tie with the heart", there is a photo of a little girl: Maria Elena. This necklace is dedicated to all women who love and want to tell a piece of their story and want to do it also through what they wear. The large heart, which is proposed as a predominant pendant, is accompanied by four terminal decorations on the threads, a symbol of the complex richness that every woman inherently carries. It is a simple necklace to match, both on the sporty dress and both on the evening dress. It also lends itself to creative games, because you can wear it in a variety of ways in addition to the one proposed on the tutorial, even as a belt around the hip on a dress.

origini collezione berman creazioni artigianali

And on an old white tablecloth of the house, together with a barbell spilling over sweet paprika, always present in the house of those who love to season their life with spices, the necklace is laid the craquelé tuft, elegant, essential, warm in its materials and perfect in its spherical forms, it lends itself to be worn with total ease on a neckline as on a turtleneck. Craquelé earrings can be matched by size, color and shape, placed near the trumpet, an instrument that brings back memories of childhood, when the grandfather played his compositions in the garden and improvised long jam sessions with his friends. It is the brass of which this instrument is made, to once again unleash new and old emotions in the search for colors ... to find its perfection in the land of Siena combined with dove gray.

All the creations are accompanied and punctuated by the game of a child, the last born in the Berman house, who sneaks through the lab tables with a tin bus, his favorite game! Ideas and new creations were born from the game as well, but this is a story to tell in another day….

Handmade Jewelry


After a careful research, we offer you our second collection of handmade jewelryContaminaciones: daughter of a work of eight hands, where all four of us have given the maximum of our abilities and experiences to give fruit to new lines and combinations.

It ranges from jewelry made exclusively in zamak to others where ceramics continue to be the protagonist.

Also thanks to our customers, new models were born and now we share them with you .... Felipe, Romantica, Chagall and others ......

Games of methodical regularity and fake irregularities that characterize our models ... Contaminations of stories and experiences ... Lives always on the move, which then meet to create and give to those like us, loves to travel with the body, with the mind and the soul...