Who we are

Our History

We realize handmade jewelry since 1995

“The hand is the window on to the mind”

We were born in 1995 as a bet, with the desire of experience a new creative way. The work team turns out to be a volcanic explosion of ideas, different styles, forms, passions.


A mother, María Elena, creator heart and fantastic visionary mind, does not need to follow a project, because she feels it, perceives its shapes, colors and materials, giving life to a new creature, a new jewel. 

berman creazioni artigianali

A brother, Santiago, lover of everything that distinguishes itself from cataloging and homologation. He does not conform to anything and the same happens with his creations. They are the result of experimentation, absolute freedom, iridescent colors that come together and escape the most classic combinations.  He loves the travel as a complete act, he loves collecting every kind of transportations, perhaps as a tangible expression of his being always at the discovery of new horizons. His jewels are characterized by a whirling energy that captures and enchants.

A sister, Gabriela, strong woman with a strong character, tenacious and capable of a rare sweetness to find. She loves the beautiful shapes, she looks for symmetry even where it seems almost unreachable, she chooses colors with great care and taste, following a refined path. Always attentive to fashion and playful with it, she succeeds in proposing models with a strong taste that are loved without hesitation.

berman creazioni artigianali gioielli

And me, Kinu, enthusiastic of every creative act that I undertake, influenced by dreamlike inspirations, I follow their evolution from a sketchy sketch, colors, shapes, ceramics, metals, knots of cotton threads, linen, organs and leathers, to give shape to the jewel that I would like to wear, the same that I wish to give away.

A family of mixed origins, born in Argentina, children of Europeans, and destined to explore the world and grasp its riches and inspirations. Italy remains the place where to stop, and return to sink those roots that more than half a century ago had decided to embark on new roads. It is also for this reason that travel is perhaps the greatest source of inspiration, because it is then that we have the opportunity to feel and experience the colors, the perfumes, the melodies, the flavors, that fall in love with us and that lead us to look for them and recreate them in our handmade jewels to be able to tell them and continue to relive them, and to make them live with us, also in whom will wear a piece of our history. The contamination of different cultures, the combination of warm materials, such as ceramics, and cold ones, like silver, and the fusion of experiences lived in the East and in Latin America, combined with European taste, give life to every our jewel.